You can make your 元素 loan payments in many convenient ways.

  • Set up automatic payments to be paid each month to avoid missing your payment and a possible late fee
  • Easily make one-time or recurring payments from your 元素 account or other bank or credit union account in online banking 或者用我们的 手机应用程序
  • Use any debit card or your other bank or credit union account without setting up an online banking account
  • You can even mail us a check

See details below for how to pay your 元素 loan. If you have questions about your loan or if you want to talk about refinancing, 哪个赌钱app比较好 或者打电话给我们 1-800-621-2105.

Make a Loan Payment

  • Pay your 元素 汽车贷款, 房屋净值 Loan or Line of Credit, or other 个人贷款 within online banking or the 手机应用程序.
    • Log in and choose 偿还贷款转移 & 支付 menu to pay from an 元素 account for immediate payment.
    • Or you can pay from a Verified External Account by clicking Transfer Money.
    • If you haven't already set up an external account within online banking to make a payment from another bank or credit union you can do so. This can take 2 business days for the payment to process, and up to a week to set up the external transfer with your other financial institution. 点击 转移 & 支付 然后 Add External Accounts to verify your external account. 
  • Pay with your debit card for a small $7.收费50元,或 register and pay with another credit union or bank account for no charge — both for immediate payment. This payment is conducted within our Loan Payment Center.
  • Mail a loan payment. Be sure to include your account number, and make your check payable to:
    元素 Financial Loan 支付
    Chicago, IL 60675-5460
  • 哪个赌钱app比较好 with questions or call 1-800-621-2105.

Make a 学生 Loan Payment